rebbecahRebeccah Silence, owner of Inspired Results , Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer, specializes in individual, relationship, family, life purpose and career coaching.

Rebeccah has her Bachelor’s in Music Therapy and Vocal Performance and her Master’s in Counseling.  She is also a graduate of the Legacy Training Institute where she received her life coach certification.

Rebeccah’s extensive experience includes adult psychiatric and drug & alcohol rehabilitation, social work, school counseling, program creation and management, facilitation and life purpose coaching.

She can also be heard as local Radio Personality on Kiss-FM’s Confession Tuesday, where she has captured a dedicated and ever expanding audience.

By providing a supportive and empowering environment, Rebeccah has coached hundreds of her clients to transform their obstacles into results.

Hire Rebeccah Silence to inspire others to make the imPossible, possible. She offers speaking engagements, corporate training, workshops and one on one coaching.

Read Rebeccah’s published journal article “Learn How to Manage Difficult People,” published by the Clinical Leadership & Management Review, a peer-reviewed journal in its 25th year of publication.